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What is a Growbook?

The Growbook is a free activity packet that shares the individual’s insights with their Pod, illuminating critical connections & co-creating new worlds. 

You can fill out the Growbook with Pods of up to 5 people. Pages include: 

  • Ancestral Wisdom & Woes: What wisdom can you draw from your ancestors? What do you want to let go? 
  • Power Mapping the Pod: What access to resources does the Pod have? What strengths does the Pod have?
  • Collective Coloring Pages: Original art from Tori Hong & Cori Nakamura Lin

About the Growbook:

Creator & contributor: Tori Hong  | Website | Instagram

Contributor: Cori Nakamura Lin | Website | Instagram

Sharing the Growbook:

#Growbook | bit.ly/Growbook | Tag Tori & Cori on Instagram

Install instructions

Free download > PDF files for print or for digital use

14 pages  |  8.5"x11" (letter size)  |  black & white

You do not have to use every page in the Growbook > Select & print/download which pages you'd like to share with your Pod


Growbook - digital 27 MB
Growbook - print 18 MB
Growbook - example 5 MB

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